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WhenSaturday, 10 February 2:00pm - 4:00pm
WhereHomerton College
Type Interactive

Future visions of healthcare

Action Stations

Come and take part in a circuit of short activities with our expert healthcare researchers. Faced with real-world hands-on healthcare puzzles, problems and patients, what would you do?

Healthcare is an ever-present issue in today’s society, and we discover new solutions, and new problems, every day. Join us to take part in a series of interactive activities with our expert researchers, exploring the cutting edge of healthcare development. From 3D Bio-printing to the impact of the arts on health, from stem cell technology to the everyday decisions of the NHS – this is your chance to find out how healthcare research really happens.


Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, THIS Institute: A dramatic realisation of our healthcare system – where you make the decisions.

Dr David Kent, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute: Stem Cell Robots – get stem cell robots to make different cells.

Dr Chibeza Agley, CamBioScience: Coding and De-Coding the Genome

Dr Shery Huang, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge: 3D Bioprinting – how can engineering technology and equipment be applied to healthcare?

Professor Pam Burnard and Dr Ros McLellan, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge: Arts and Well-being Play Station – experience how creative activities are key to personal well-being.

Dr Benjamí Oller-Salvia, MRC Labarotory of Molecular Biology: Applying Molecular Recognition to Design Targeted Therapeutics.

Dr Stephen Burgess, Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit: Genetics and Modifiable Risk Factors – how can genes guide us to novel therapies?

Dr Rachel Williams, School of Clinical Medicine: How do we train the doctors of tomorrow?

Dr Zhongzao Teng, Department of Radiology: Imaging your Insides: Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention

At THIS Institute (The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute) we have an important goal: to strengthen the evidence base for improving the quality and safety of healthcare. Join us to see the reality of our NHS come to life as patients and staff grapple with healthcare systems. Discuss the issues with our researchers as they explain how working with patients and staff could hold the key to improvement.

Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, Director of THIS Institute

Registration opens from 1.30pm in the Mary Allan Building, Homerton College.