The Charter Choir of Homerton



most importantly, I made friends for life


Charter Choir

The Charter Choir, founded in 2009, is Homerton’s première musical ensemble.

The Charter Choir’s journey has been an unusual one because Homerton has neither a chapel nor an organ. Never one to let a detail get in the way of a good idea, it is unique amongst Colleges in offering organ and choral scholarships without these facilities. The Choir was founded by Dr David Black in 2009, to be conducted and administered by a college-appointed Director of Music. In its first two years it mostly comprised volunteer singers, with rehearsals culminating in an occasional concert, or a choral service once or twice per term. In 2011 the choir started singing Evensong fortnightly; then weekly from 2012.

The Charter Choir provided me with fun breaks from my studies. I thoroughly enjoyed performing and going abroad on tour, not to mention free weekly Formals! But, most importantly, I made friends for life.

Caroline Steel, Natural Sciences, 2012

Today, Homerton has a 25-strong high-quality auditioned choir which not only sings regular services but also performs at College events, is frequently a visiting choir at UK cathedrals, has sung jointly with a number of other College choirs, has recorded its own commercial CD (Audite Finem), and has toured six countries across two continents. It is directed by Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter, Director of Music, and is currently accompanied by Organ Scholar Christopher Baczkowski (History, 2nd year).  The majority of singers are Choral Scholars, who receive an annual stipend and subsidised singing lessons.

Choir at Homerton is definitely a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. As well as our weekly services at the Church of St John the Evangelist, we also contribute to other special occasions such as the College Charter Dinner. The Choir is full of dedicated members who, with our director Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter, work very hard to create our beautiful sound, which in turn creates an enjoyable environment to sing in. There is also a great sense of camaraderie in the group. We go to Formal Hall together every week, as well as the annual tour and other socials during the year, and as a result the group is very close-knit and we all get on fantastically well.

Nathan Johns, Classics, 2nd year

This recording, of the Charter Choir singing Beati quorum via by Charles Villiers Stanford, was taken in Grünmettstetten, during the tour to Germany in July 2017.