A still from the dance 'Setting Out'



‘four Homerton College undergraduates choreographed and performed a dance inspired by ‘Setting Out’.’


Setting Out

In October 2017, Homerton students created a dance to celebrate the arrival of a new sculpture by Harry Gray.

As part of the development of Homerton Business Centre in 2017, two sculptures were commissioned from local artist Harry Gray. Harry has also created the book-pile sculptures at the entrance to the Cambridge University Library and a monumental diving rugby player for redevelopments at Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

‘Setting Out’, located at the end of Harrison Drive, comprises a monumental bronze drawing compass frozen in the act of setting out a spiral in York stone. It is accompanied by ‘Made to Measure’ outside the Cambridge Cookery School in Homerton Gardens, which shows a pair of bronze calipers, used to measure the distance between two sides of an object. These two sculptures represent the tools and techniques of stonemasons, celebrating the famous Cambridge restoration company Rattee and Kett, which was formerly on the site.

‘Setting Out’ can be thought about in other ways too: in relation to the train line next to which it is located, where one can set out on a journey, as well as resonating with the journey of Homerton College as it sets out into its 250th year.

To celebrate the arrival of these artworks, four Homerton College undergraduates choreographed and performed a dance inspired by ‘Setting Out’. This dance, organised by Trish Maude, Emeritus Fellow, was first shown at the Foundation Day: Homerton 250 Launch event, as the anniversary celebrations began.

It is wonderful to see that dance at Homerton College continues to be extremely successful, as it has been for many years. We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful and varied site from which to take inspiration for new pieces, such as ‘Setting Out’. I am always extremely impressed by the creativity of our students here at Homerton.

Trish Maude, Emeritus Fellow

Setting Out: A sculpture by Harry Gray

Choreographed and performed by Beth Corker, Vicky Lampitt, Phoebe Rimmer, Ayeisha Vaze