Albert Schweitzer



“I want to speak to you, because you are going to teach the young!”


Dr Albert Schweitzer

Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Dr Albert Schweitzer visited Homerton in 1955, here remembered by Judith Legg (student at Homerton 1954-56).

Dr Albert Schweitzer OM visited Homerton on Saturday, 22nd October 1955. He was a French-German theologian, philosopher, and organist, and had won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophy of ‘Reverence for Life’. The lecture was given in French, but Judith still has a transcript in both languages. A photograph of Dr Schweitzer now hangs outside the Tutorial Office, near the Macaulay Room.

Judith writes:

‘Dr Schweitzer explained why he came to Homerton and not to any other College in the University, when he began his talk. “I want to speak to you, because you are going to teach the young!” How privileged we all felt that such an heroic and famous man should choose to come to us!’

‘I loved my two years at Homerton and treasure those memories.’ ‘Life was so full of new experiences that I really can say my life was changed & I loved every moment of it – lectures, teaching practice, choirs, CUMS orchestra, boyfriends  — not allowed off the ground floor — May Balls, punting down the Cam. Wonderful!  I still go in to the local comprehensive school at exam time and scribe or read for the youngsters with learning difficulties, and I do volunteer reading at our local Primary school – whose Head teacher I taught 30 years ago! All Homerton’s doing !’