Explore how we got here and where we are going.

Dr Albert Schweitzer

Nobel Prize-winning philosopher

Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Dr Albert Schweitzer visited Homerton in 1955, here remembered by Judith Legg (student at Homerton 1954-56).

Time for B.Ed. (Cambridge Style)

The first Cambridge degrees

Beverly Wood (nee Lord), 1967-71, was part of the first year group awarded degrees from the University of Cambridge.

Foundation Day 2017

The launch of Homerton 250

On Friday, 27 October 2017, the College came together to celebrate our 249th anniversary.

Queen Mother visits Homerton

Queen Mother opens the newest building onsite

In 1957, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, visited Homerton to open the newest building onsite.

The Wartime Nursery

Helping the war effort through education

Peter Cunningham, exploring the Archive, tells the story of Homerton’s wartime nursery, which still exists today in a new location.

Homerton: Cambridge Now

Commemorative Book

This beautiful new book is a celebration of Homerton in our 250th anniversary year.

Harris Manchester College

Our sister College in Oxford

Revd Dr Ralph Waller, Principal of Harris Manchester College, explores the curious link between Homerton and Harris Manchester which stretches back to 1803.

Black and White Buildings

A not-forgotten feature

Peter Cunningham remembers the Black and White Buildings, which were a key part of Homerton College between the 1960s-90s.

Morley Memorial and New Street Schools

Teaching practice opportunities

When Homerton College moved to Cambridge, it had to create its own opportunities for first-hand teaching experience.

The New School

The lost film

Filmed at Homerton in 1944, The New School has never been found.


A fond memory

Trish Maude, Emeritus Fellow, remembers a key part of the Primary Generalist course: ‘Snippets’.

Charter Choir

Homerton’s première musical ensemble

The Charter Choir, founded in 2009, is Homerton’s première musical ensemble.

Dance Studio

The Dance Studio you see now is only part of the story

Trish Maude, Retired Senior Member, remembers the day she cartwheeled for Dance at Homerton

Wonderland Week

A curious celebration

Wonderland came to Homerton for the UK’s biggest celebration of Alice’s 150th anniversary.

Homerton and the World

Overseas Development Education

Peter Cunningham remembers Homerton College’s varied links across the globe in the late twentieth century.

Setting Out

An inspiring artwork

In October 2017, Homerton students created a dance to celebrate the arrival of a new sculpture by Harry Gray.

Leyton Orient FC

The Second Oldest Football League Club in London

A cricket club founded by Homerton College alumni exists today as Leyton Orient Football Club.

What Science Can Do

The 2nd Annual Kate Pretty Lecture

On Thursday, 8 March 2018, Pascal Soriot delivered the 2nd Annual Kate Pretty Lecture at Homerton College.