Bev, Jenny, Trish and Carole in 2017



Being so much on show was quite nerve-wracking for the staff!



Trish Maude, Emeritus Fellow, remembers a key part of the Primary Generalist course: ‘Snippets’.

In the late 1980s-1990s, student teachers on the Primary Generalist course observed short lessons given by PE staff to a class of children from Morley Memorial Primary School. These short lessons were called “snippets”. Held in the Great Hall, the snippets allowed students to get an idea of how PE lessons should be structured and provided opportunities to ask questions and learn from the demonstration lessons. While this was hugely beneficial to new students, being so much on show when teaching primary school children in front of a year group of student teachers was quite nerve-wracking for the staff!

The Department at this time consisted of Carole Bennett, Jenny Grey, Bev Hopper, Trish Maude and Tony Robinson. Tony would usually run the games snippets, Trish the gymnastics, and Jenny, Bev and Carole would either run the dance snippets, or work with the students, answering questions and pointing out things to observe.

Each snippet lasted around 15 minutes and included a focused warm up and related games, gymnastics and dance activities, giving enough time for the children to show what they could do. The students would then take part in a discussion, talking about the teaching and learning strategies and the range of methods and techniques involved.

There were many occasions for laughter too. One snippet involved hitting beanbags with plastic bats – until the beanbags burst and the beans went all over the Hall floor! On another occasion PE staff discovered that the beans had started sprouting inside the beanbags, and small shoots were poking through!

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Image of Carole, Jenny, Trish and Bev in October 2017